Our company is built on a foundation of family values, a bold vision and relentless determination to continuously raise the bar and make a positive difference in the world. Founded in 1972, Mark Anthony has grown organically from a one-person import wine business into an international drinks company whose hallmarks include a portfolio of luxury wineries and iconic beverage brands.

Photo of Anthony von Mandl
Anthony von Mandl, O.C., O.B.C.

Our Founder & CEO, Anthony von Mandl, O.C., O.B.C., pioneered high-end winemaking in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. His family-owned Iconic Wineries and Estate Vineyards have surprised the world, winning ‘World’s Best Chardonnay’ and ‘Best Pinot Noir in the World’ in London, and the first-ever perfect 100-point-scores for their collection of elegant fine wines, meticulously handcrafted in one of the world’s last great undiscovered wine regions.

At the same time, his group of companies has created and launched several new to world beverage categories and a portfolio of iconic brands, including White Claw Hard Seltzer and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, that have transformed the drinks industry. Anthony’s obsession with best in class taste is rooted in the family’s organic vineyards and distinctive, award-winning wines.

Despite everything we have achieved, we take nothing for granted, remain humble, and our success inspires us to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity even further.

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